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College Paper

College life can get really exasperating when you have to wade through your semesters writing tedious essays.  Often you might feel the writer’s block and the readers block when you sit before your computer trying to discover how you can at the least begin with your essay! A college paper is an exercise in academic writing were students research on a topic and write and submit a slightly voluminous essay for reward of grades and marks. Often also it is called a research paper and to write one is never an easy job even if you are the Jack of all trades.  College papers are loaded with information about a topic that is critically analyzed and carefully structured to bring out a holistic college research paper that lays special focus on a perspective which the author has put in place as a framework for examining the subject at hand.

How to Write a College Paper

Proficiency in the subject is pre-requisite for a student when he or she is about to write college papers.  Competence in the subject can be developed only by reading for writing a college paper. The following tips will prove useful when you are doing the research for your paper.

  • Zero in on a topic that you can write about with consultation from your guides and peers. Keep in mind your prospective readers and also understand the more you delve into the subject at a scholarly level, the more readers will become selective.
  • Find sources for gathering information like libraries, online books, journals, documents, submitted dissertations etc. Take advice from your guide on the topics or books that you have to go through and plan your reading systematically.
  • College paper writing can be accomplished successfully only if you have ample information about your topic of study since an essay of such importance can never be written in an offhand manner with not enough information. Hence it is important that you record the data according to their relative importance. You may not require everything for your college essay papers but they will aid you in writing better.
  • Develop an outline for your college term papers. The outline is like a skeleton of the paper based on which you can model your work. In the outline you can arrange the main arguments that need to be included in the paper. Remember that the main argument is always original and should be the writer’s own point of view in examining the topic.
  • After adequate research slowly plunge into the area of writing. Of foremost importance is the development of a thesis statement. This should ideally be a single sentence and reflect the central idea of your paper and should be easy enough for the reader to understand.
  • The introduction of the college research papers is like a grand opening of your scholarly masterpiece. The introduction should be catchy, engaging and informative. It is the first point of interaction with the audience so organize it in such a way that it broadly explains the analytic framework of your study and your motives behind undertaking. The introduction should also carry sufficient background information and give simple definitions of concepts and terms which the reader will be faced with as he or she progresses.
  • The body of your college essay papers is the point of focus. Here you present the arguments and  counter-arguments logically and substantiate it with facts. Rather than merely stating the points, approach it with an analytical bent of mind. This part of your college paper is where the statement of your thesis finds voice. So be consistent and coherent and do not digress from the heart of the matter. The matter in the body should have the stamp of authenticity.  Plagiarism is a nightmare so never compromise your original ideas or sentences for the cut-paste ones. Provide citations whenever you quote an author’s work or else it might stick out as a red flag.
  • The conclusion of your essay is where the curtain falls down. Restate your most powerful argument with force to confirm the validity of your results and findings. Go beyond the premises of the paper to extrapolate the findings of your study to make reasonable generalisations. The statements in the conclusion should be in line with the arguments placed in the body. Justify your findings and give the reader an idea about why it is of importance.  Never make a waste basket ending to your conclusion by adding all that you could not add in the body in the conclusion.
  • Revisit the draft once again. This is done to check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You can take recommendation from your guides and peers at this point and make slight modifications. Never go in for a complete overhaul once the whole draft has been prepared. Also make sure that proper transition words are used between paragraphs to maintain coherence.
  • Review you draft if you would like to polish your sentences and make it more readable or more scholarly.
  • Now after the final draft has been checked for mistakes and done with the grand polishing, list out the reference s and citations in a proper format and remember to give citations for all the author’s whom you have quoted in the body paragraphs.

The above instructions will come to your aid when you are writing college papers.

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