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Custom Essay Writing

BuyBestEssay.org is undoubtedly one of the superior custom writing service that can offer you the best service and cheap custom essays. Visit our website for custom written essays and we shall offer cheap custom papers that satisfy your needs.

Mountains of essay writing assignments have baffled and confused students all throughout and left them at their wits end. While it is considered that essay writing is an art it can sometimes get on the nerves of students who are unable to sprig up with unique ideas and have a completely exhausted vocabulary.

Essay is a type of writing where the writer explores a particular topic or theme using his perspective as the ground for analysis. The writer has to put through his arguments in a reasonable and clear manner and also follow the general rules of the grammar though he is entitled to creative freedom. The viewpoint assumes considerable importance in an essay. Custom essays can be written on an topic of choice.

Essay Writing

An essay consists of three main parts- the introduction, the body and the conclusion and it is impossible to do without any of these. Ensure that the essay you write has these three main elements and you have cleared one of the stumbling blocks in your course to custom writing.

The guidelines enumerated below will be of help when you are writing an essay.

  • The first step is to choose a topic and choose something in which you not only have considerable knowledge but also interest you and will ignite your creativity to full flame. The topic should have the quality of readability and should be able to capture the attention of the reader and try to understand what the reader might like to read. The topic can also be in the form of a question like “does God exists?” or a simple statement like “Reproduction in bees”. The choice lies with the writer.
  • There are different kinds of essay- definition, classification, description, compare and contrast, sequence, choice,  explanation, persuasion, evaluation- so choose any one kind which would best suit your topic and intent.
  • Make an outline of the essay that you intent to write. The outline should include the arguments you want to use to justify your point of view.  Also think of what literary style you would want to use, for eg. Narrative, humorous, anecdotal etc.
  • If you are writing a scholarly essay then give a thesis statement that will introduce the reader to your topic and would give him or her, a simple overview of the topic with which you have dealt without revealing much of the content.
  • Now proceed to the introduction of the essay. The introduction constitutes the first one or two paragraphs of the essay where the writer literally introduces his topic to his audience. This is the part where the writer has to arouse the interest of his or her reader with his topic and make them familiar with his ideas and opinions and set the ground ready for further explanations. 
  • You can grab the attention of the reader by stating some interesting fact or startling information or a story or by using humour.
  • The body of the essay follows the introduction where the writer moves further into the topic. The body should be divided into paragraphs where each paragraph is used to discuss one main point. The supporting facts of an argument can be written as sub- points. Try to state the facts in a lucid and coherent manner as that will improve readability of the article and will help readers engage with it at a deeper level. Maintain clarity of ideas as it is important in putting them through.
  • Finally write the conclusion and bring closure to the essay in such a way that it affirms the truthfulness of the ideas that you have presented.
  • Check the draft for grammatical or spelling errors and rectify the same. See that the writing at any place has not digressed from the main context and also has maintained a uniform formatting style.
  • Keep in mind that it is a creative piece of writing and use idioms, phrases, metaphors, allegory, similes etc to polish your writing. But do not be all too flamboyant and loaded with words that the custom essay loses its simplicity and the arguments become vague.  

Custom essay writing can be made a very interesting and informative chore if you follow the above steps and work at it, putting to use all the arrows in your creative arsenal. But often due to the stress of busy academic schedules one might not find time enough to devote to writing. Resort to a custom essay writing service who can provide you with cheap essays while you can sit back and be free of the drudgery.