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More than any monetary gain, we value you as our loyal clients. Because of this, we know that each essay that you order from us is very important to you. In fact, all assignments can make or break your grades and class standing.

Because we are very confident that we only provide the best quality paper that you will find, we have a money back guarantee program. This program was made to make you feel safe when ordering from us. This is also a testament how much we value what you feel.

Our company is serious when it comes to providing quality essays/papers/assignments. In fact, our satisfaction rate is 98%. Yes, you have read that right! Our satisfaction rate is that high because we have the best writers in the country.

Despite of the fact that we only provide the best essays, we still want you to feel safe with us. We believe that you deserve this because you have delegated an important work to us, which is of course, to write your essay. To show you our gratitude, we want to explain to you our money back guarantee program.

  • In case you were not satisfied with our work and you have not violated any policy in the user agreement, you can expect refund within 4 to 6 days.
  • You can refund your full payment if the writer assigned to you has not yet started writing.
  • If the writer has started the work, you cannot apply for full refund. You can still refund 70% if you have cancelled the assignment before half of the deadline period has passed.
  • If the deadline is approaching and more than half of the deadline period has passed, you can only expect a 50% refund.
  • There is no refund for completed assignements. Unless, you can prove that the work you received did not pass the specifications and quality that you have set. All complaints will be investigated fairly.
  • If you have ordered by mistake, it is your responsibility to call our support team. Without your call, we will consider your order active.
  • If there is no available writer for the essay that you need, we will be more than willing to issue you a refund.
  • If you were charged twice accidentally, we can also issue you a refund after you have forwarded to us your receipt. Other extra payments incurred can also be refunded.
  • Even if this is very unlikely, we will issue you a refund if you can prove that your essay has plagiarized work. We have a stringent process to make sure that all our essays are unique, but still, in any case of plagiarism, we will issue a refund.
  • We always meet our deadlines, but if the work was delayed because of the customer’s fault, we cannot issue a refund.
  • In case you do not want a revision instead of a refund, you may also contact our support group. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you.