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Term of Use

This page contains all the terms and conditions between BuyBestEssay.org and all the clients ordering essays from our website.  

Once you order a product/service from us, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions set by the company. Each client needs to accept all the terms and conditions to start a transaction. The client has the responsibility to ensure that he/she complies with all the specifications of our user agreement and all the policies found in this page.

We reserve the right to change, modify, remove any part of our provisions at anytime and any day. Rest assured that all clients will be notified when the need to change provisions arises.

Products and Services

All our essays and products will only be used as a sample for your own work. We are also not responsible for the remarks and grades that will be given by the professor checking the paper.

The company maintains all the rights over all products and services. The client can use the product for only six months, after which, the company regains all the rights.


The company assures all clients that we will never disclose any of the clients’ information. Moreover, the company has a secured payment system online. The company will not be held liable for any disclosures that are beyond our control.

Ordering Policy

All clients are responsible to provide valid contact numbers. Failure to provide a valid number may affect the delivery of the product. Moreover, it may also mean the loss of right to claim because of violating user agreement.

The client is solely responsible to provide all the specifications of the assignment such as type of writing and academic level. The company will not be responsible for mistakes on the part of the client. The writer will only follow instructions given by the client. Therefore, the client should be specific and accurate with instructions.

The client is responsible in checking messages from the writer for additional questions and clarifications. The delay of work arising from failure of the client to reply will not be seen as the company’s fault.

Delivery of Product

The client is responsible when it comes to filing a formal complaint for revisions. Once the paper is delivered, the client is given 7 days to ask for a revision and prove that initial requirements were not met. For longer essays with 20 pages and more, the client is given 20 days to ask for a revision.

Other Provisions

This terms and agreement page substitutes the written and verbal agreement between the client and BuyBestEssay.org

If any part of this agreement is illegal, the rest of the terms will not be affected.