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Research Papers

A research paper is a scholarly piece of writing written by academicians or student and usually goes in for an in depth analysis of a particular topic. A person who writes a research paper should possess more than just basic knowledge in the subject and should indeed have the patience to go through wads of research materials, sift for content and then come up one that is a authentic critical appraisal of the topic he or she has chosen. However while writing research papers, attention should be paid to use only content appropriate literary styling as the option to be creatively independent with an abundance of technical or scientific content is limited.

Writing Research Papers

Writing a research paper can sometimes be an exasperating task and one needs to know how to write a research papers before getting on with the job lest be faced with roadblocks. Follow upon the guidelines given below to free yourself from the ordeal that might ensue if you do not give sufficient attention to the rules of research paper writing.

  • To begin with, choose a suitable topic which has ample scope for research. The topic ideally should be something related to your subject of study on which you have sufficient background information. Interest in the topic is also vital as you will have to be dealing with it for a long time and cannot afford to get bored.
  • Before you begin writing a research paper, read upon the topic and gather adequate information. You can rely on online resources, libraries, books and journals, your guides and peers to gather information about the right and proper sources. But remember first hand reading is a must and never use the word of mouth technique for information gathering.
  • Along with gathering the information, record that which would be useful for you. This can be used for future reference as well can serve useful in building your content.
  • Before you start with your research paper writing, make an outline. An outline is a detailed structure of your research paper. Use the outline to organise your material and this can help you work in a timely manner, without intimidating you. The outline will also help you in planning you paper meticulously and decide on what background data should be given.
  • Next think upon and give an apt title for your research paper. The title should reflect upon your subject of study or should highlight the objective of you research. The title should be specific so that people can read your work selectively.

Writing a Research Paper

These are few things to be followed religiously before you begin the actual writing process. Once you begin writing follow a general pattern of styling, which is not too flashy or out of the way but maintains the scholarly feel of the article. Also be wary of grammatical errors, especially the use of tenses. The byword for the best research papers is originality. By no means compromise on the authenticity of the work and resort to plagiarism to make the work easy.

  • An abstract of a research paper is a summary of your work which is written in a single concise paragraph. This gives the reader a general overview of your work and its objective, but without citing any supporting facts that are used in the original work. The abstract can be written after the completion of the research paper as it will be difficult to summarise a work at the time of its inception. The matter that you write in the abstract should be consistent with the content of the paper.
  • The introduction of your paper is like a curtain raiser. All custom research paper writing commences with an introduction that lays the groundwork on which the paper progresses. The theoretical framework in which the paper unfolds and the objectives to be achieved are laid down in the introduction. Sufficient information, definition of key terms etc are explained in the introduction.
  • Moving on to the body of the paper, the writer engages with the topic critically and puts forth the perspective in which it is analysed. The body should be structured as a series of paragraphs, with each paragraph dealing with one main idea. Transition between the paragraphs should be kept up to ensure coherence. The content written on the body should be original and give proper citations whenever other author’s are quoted. Use footnotes when deemed necessary.
  • The results and inferences are elucidated in the conclusion and the author should go on to make generalisations if he can logically deduce any from the premises given in the content. In the concluding paragraph you can justify the significance of your findings. But all arguments made should be a logical sequel to the content given in the body.
  • Revisit the draft to rectify grammatical and spelling errors. Ensure that the whole paper has maintained the same style format.
  • Finally provide the references and citations and the research paper is ready to be submitted.

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